Milky Mommas helps women meet their breastfeeding goals by providing support and up-to-date, evidence based information regarding breastfeeding and breast milk feeding best practice.



We are here for support and informational purposes ONLY. Any suggestions taken are at the sole discretion of the individual, and the individual assumes all risks therein.
Milky Mommas is not responsible or liable for the suggestions, decisions or actions of any of its readers. None of the information shared on MilkyMommas.org should be taken as professional medical or mental health advice. We are not medical professionals. We cannot diagnose or rule out any medical condition. If you or your baby are experiencing a medical condition, and you are in doubt as to the nature of the illness or injury, you should seek immediate medical attention for yourself or your baby. We always recommend that you see an IBCLC for in-person, professional lactation care.

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