Babies’ Health Over Corporate Wealth Press Release

Put Babies’ Health Over Corporate Wealth

For Immediate Release:

Nationwide Nurse-In and Milky Mommas Inc. will hold Nurse-In events across the country on August 5th, 2018, at state Capitol buildings, local public locations and the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services in D.C. and online to protest the Trump administraton’s opposition to the breastfeeding protection resolution at the World Health Assembly in May.

During the event the mothers, fathers, children, and supporters will gather at their local locations to hear speeches from lactation professionals and political leaders about why the USA needs to promote, protect, and support breastfeeding. Nursing mothers will breastfeed their babies in a show of solidarity as they and their supporters demand that the health of babies be put before the wealth of corporations. Those who cannot attend in person will be sharing “brelfies” (breastfeeding selfies) on social media platforms with the hashtags #BabiesHealthOverCorporateWealth #BabiesOverBottomLines #WHOcares #ProtectBabiesNotProfits

“This is not about limiting anyone’s access to formula or shaming those who use it. This is about protecting families, both formula and breastfeeding, from aggressive, expensive, and dangerous marketing tactics and making sure that our country is putting Babies’ Health Over Corporate Wealth.”
-Laura Delmonico, Founder of Nationwide Nurse-In

“The WHO resolution should have been a step toward protecting our most vulnerable populations from predatory companies interested only in their failure to breastfeed. Instead, the US delegates stood for corporate interests, and to the detriment of public health. The time for change is now. We cannot continue to sit in complacency.”
-Christine Rushing, Founder of Milky Mommas

To find the locations for this event visit Contact Laura Delmonico at: and Christine Rushing at: For more information about Nationwide Nurse-In and Milky Mommas Inc. visit and

For more on the importance of this event please visit:


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