Our Values

Milky Mommas Inc has established the following eight values as the heart of our organization’s purpose.










Equity – Increasing representation on our team of trained lactation supporters and working to dismantle barriers for individuals from communities experiencing lactation inequities.



Accessibility – Using technology to innovate lactation support and pioneer new communities and resources in the digital world, and working towards resolving first food deserts by sponsoring new lactation professionals in communities of greatest need.


Inclusivity – Offering support in cultural humility to LGBTIQA+ parents and families, and honoring their unique path to breastfeeding, chestfeeding, or any form of human-milk feeding.


Compassion – Honoring the right of each family unit to pursue and preserve their best health through breast, chest, or human-milk-feeding, and meeting each family where they are to provide nonjudgmental counseling and support.


Kindness – Fostering goodwill within the culture of our community and promoting the protection of human dignity in lactation support.


Respect – Working in collaboration with health, medical, legal, government, and fellow lactation professionals to promote breast, chest, or human-milk-feeding, and treating all interactions within our digital community with the same tact as we would an in-person interaction.


Accountability – Staying abreast of current research which involves or impacts the field of lactation support, and reflect the best available evidence in counseling practices, advocacy, and education.


Excellence – Training volunteers to exhibit professionalism in all affairs of the organization, exemplify the highest level of integrity, and adhere to an established Code of Ethics.








*Updated: November 12, 2018

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