The Wonder Weeks – New Edition Review & Giveaway! {giveaway complete}

Here at Milky Mommas Inc., we LOVE The Wonder Weeks! Their best selling book is the closest thing to an instruction manual for newborn and toddler life, and the convenient smart phone app puts the information at your fingertips. The Wonder Weeks helps make sense of those previously mysterious fussy periods that every child goes through. Combining scientific research on human brain growth with practical tips for helping your child as they develop, The Wonder Weeks should have a place on the bookshelf of every new parent.
Just last month The Wonder Weeks released an updated version of their book with a brand new chapter all about baby sleep and mental leaps, and their team was kind enough to send us a copy for review. As if the book wasn’t already indispensable, this new information takes it to a new level.
In the new chapter, child development experts break down the affects of cognitive leaps on your baby’s brain and sleep patterns. There are tips and tricks for recognizing the stages of sleep, on how to know when to sneak away from a slumbering tot for some much needed coffee, and on what to expect as your baby develops through each stage.
It was so eye opening to read the book, especially this new chapter. My toddler is going through leap 10 right now (and cutting molars- please send coffee! 😂) and the book really helped me connect the dots of what she is going through, and showed me how I can help her. Maybe most important of all, The Wonder Weeks helped me adjust my expectations for life in leap weeks. It is so challenging to care for a little person with big needs and feelings, with little to no way to communicate her needs! The Wonder Weeks eases that confusion, and offers practical steps for helping your baby with each changing stage. The book explains what new skills she may be developing, and how each one could affect her sleep, behavior, and her view of the world. The Wonder Weeks’ Information has made life easier for the whole family! Realistic expectations of baby’s behavior and development is truly one of the keys to successful parenting.
Because we love this book so much, we want YOU to get a copy of the new version! Comment here with what you love about The Wonder Weeks, and we’ll select one commenter to receive a brand new copy of the book.
Don’t want to wait for the giveaway? You can purchase your own copy of the new edition here. Don’t forget to use the Milky Mommas Amazon Smile, where a small portion of your purchase can help promote breastfeeding worldwide.

9 thoughts on “The Wonder Weeks – New Edition Review & Giveaway! {giveaway complete}

  1. Samantha Raley says:

    THE wonder weeks app has helped us understand how our son’s life is changing and has given us helpful tips to help him through and develop. It’s nice to see that each leap really is temporary.


  2. Elyse werner says:

    As a very new first time mom, it’s so helpful to know developmentally what your baby is going through and when. It’s great to be prepared and to give the little one some extra attention when it’s needed most. The Wonder Weeks updated edition would be a great addition to my bookshelf.


  3. Sarah Smallwood says:

    I got The Wonder Weeks app a few weeks ago. It’s amazing how spot on it is. It provides the reassurance a tired Mom needs when we are doubting what our instincts might be telling us. I would love to read up on this new chapter and receive the new edition.


  4. nhdmnsrrt says:

    I have the app and I love that it gives me notifications when my son is going through one of the leaps! It’s always spot on and my favorite part is that it gives you tips on what you can do to help your little one go through the leap.


  5. Chelsea Schlabach says:

    This is the first I have heard of Wonder Weeks and would love to read the book in hopes of gaining some insight on my son’s development stages.


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