Black Women Breastfeeding – Olivia, Nivea, and Sharnell

We have an amazing group of women in Milky Mommas, and we’re featuring a group of 3 interviews today. Olivia, Nivea, and Sharnell all chatted with us and shared their stories. Check it out!

Olivia’s Story

Breastfeeding is a monumental experience that all women should be able to be apart of. I have two kids and I breastfed my first child until my maternity leave was over. Being in the military, it made it difficult to pump in privacy when all that separated myself and a bunch of men was a curtain. It almost made me feel embarrassed that I was doing so and I ended up stopping immediately after. Now with my daughter, I have been breastfeeding for 5 months.


Most of the women in my family did not breastfeed. It was never really discussed nor stressed about the importance. I wanted to breastfeed my children because of the benefits and nutrients that you provide them as well as the bond that can’t be broken.

While breastfeeding now, I have had struggles with my supply to where I have had to supplement formula unfortunately. My biggest supporters are my family and especially my husband!  The most important thing that any breastfeeding mom should know is that no matter how long you attempted to breastfeed, you still accomplished something and benefit your child in a way! Never give up and continue to be great and do what we are intended to do with pride!


Nivea’s Story

I gave birth to a 1lb 11oz preemie due to HELLP syndrome. I had to pump due to her size and her being unable to latch. I pumped exclusively for 15 months and worked full time as a teacher for 9 of those months. I have since given birth to a healthy baby girl and have been able to nurse normally.

No one breastfed in my family. The biggest challenge is keeping up while teaching. My biggest supporters were all of my family. No one was negative. My favorite experience is watching my 2nd child successfully latch on right after birth. It was great since I wasn’t able to have that experience with my first.


Sharnell’s Story

As a FTM of twins my breastfeeding journey started off great but ended up taking a drop when I returned back to work. I thought I would quit at 6 months, then 12 months came and went. Now, at 18 months pp I’m still going.

My mom, my aunts and several cousins breastfed. Being a mom of twins, I felt breastfeeding would be the best cost effective way and hearing about all the benefits for both mom and baby influenced my decision.My biggest supporters would have to be my children’s father, my cousin, and all my breastfeeding friends. They are always empowering me to keep going and even after I had to supplement.  

One of my biggest BF challenges that I overcame was having to return to work when my girls were 2 months old and due to stress and lack of support in the workplace I began suffering from low milk supply. Breastfeeding Twins alone is just an amazing experience, but as they get older they will create their own way of nursing.

Always trust yourself and your body. Do your own research and most of all be the best advocate for yourself.

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