Black Women Breastfeeding – Jas’s Story

Jas is so encouraging and sweet! I love her positive attitude, and her love for breastfeeding, even through the hard times, is so apparent! Check out her inspiring interview below.

What has your breastfeeding journey been like?

My breastfeeding journey started out very challenging, but now we are on cruise control. Ultimately, it has been the sweetest most rewarding bonding experience with my son.


Did the women in your family breastfeed?

My mom breastfed me for 6 weeks and she was done! She said it was too painful. I don’t think her mother breastfed as she was a single, working mom of 5. I’m not sure about any other women in my family.

What made you want to breastfeed?

I wanted to breastfeed for a few reasons! Of course for all the benefits for mom & baby, it’s free, nighttime feedings are easy, and I was determined to succeed after “failing” with my daughter. We only breastfed for a month because it was too painful and I lacked the support I needed. I did manage to pump a little while longer for her until I went back to college.


What is the biggest bf challenge you’ve overcome?

My biggest breastfeeding challenge that we managed to overcome is poor latching. From birth to about 10 weeks my right nipple was damaged and would bleed every feed. Around 8 weeks I took my son to an ENT and he was diagnosed with a tongue and lip tie, but they wanted to put him under general anesthesia to correct it which I was not fond of. On top of that they were not able to book us for a month or better. We went to the dentist a couple days later and had his ties cut with a laser the same day. I paid out of pocket for the procedure because I knew if I had to wait for his insurance to kick in the following month our journey would be over! I’m glad I hung in there during the rough weeks.

Who are your biggest supporters?

My biggest supporters are my husband and my mom. If ever we are out they give me the encouragement I need if I am nervous about feeding my son in public. I can’t forget about my breastfeeding peer counselor either! She came over multiple times at crazy hours to give the help I needed in the beginning. I’m so fortunate to have had her guidance. She still checks in with us to this day!


Tell us your favorite story about an experience with breastfeeding.

My favorite experience with breastfeeding is how I feel I have evolved from an amateur to a “pro”. I used to rely heavily on my boppy and would tote it with me everywhere! I had to have the perfect set up in order to breastfeed. Now I can nurse while walking, talking, eating, or lying down! I love how I have evolved and I love how in tune I am with Jhett.


Is there anything else you’d like to share or encourage other moms?

My piece of encouragement for other moms would be to take it a day at a time or a feeding at a time if need be. Breastfeeding is natural, but it starts out very hard. There’s no standard timeframe for when it will get easier, but it will! When I first started I heard oh the first 2 weeks are the hardest, and then it kept inching up to the first 4, 6, and/or 8 weeks. The light at the end of the tunnel will shine through and you will be so glad you stuck with it. Also, if breastfeeding is something you really want to do, do not listen to the naysayers and surround yourself with a good support system!


Setting little short term goals is such a great tip! Inch along and then soon, you’ll be on cruise control like Jas! What are your breastfeeding goals? Share in a comment below, and be sure to check back for another interview soon! 

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