Black Women Breastfeeding – Shoni’s Story

Shoni’s story of breastfeeding support is so heart warming. While the women in her family didn’t breastfeed, her family still rallied around her to support her in the hard times of breastfeeding. Its wonderful! Check it out below.

What has your breastfeeding journey been like?

My breastfeeding journey has been great. In the beginning, it was hard. I cried often because I just couldn’t get him to stay latched or latched deep enough but one day my cousin, my sons’ god-mother, went out purchased a boppy and it just clicked, now we hardly ever use it and I am getting more and more comfortable nursing in public.

Did the women in your family breastfeed?

No, the women in my family did not breastfeed even though they wanted to. When I was born I would not latch and my mom did not receive the support nor was she provided references to help her to breastfeed.

What made you want to breastfeed?

The moment I found out I was pregnant I knew I wanted to breastfeed so I did a lot of research during my pregnancy about breastfeeding, formula feeding and learning about how beneficial breastmilk is to a baby only solidified my want to breastfeed.

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What is the biggest bf challenge you’ve overcome?

Not giving up has been the biggest challenge I have overcome and tuning out the naysayers!

Who are your biggest supporters?

My mother, my husband, and my cousin, Heather, have been my biggest supporters.

Tell us your favorite story about an experience with breastfeeding.

I am sure this is a lot of breastfeeding mother’s favorite things, but I love when he unlatches and just flashes the biggest smile.
I’d also like to share that my husband pointed out the other day how we struggled with breastfeeding in the beginning seeing LC after LC, nurse after nurse and now, like I said previously, it just clicks.

Is there anything else you’d like to share or encourage other moms?

Just don’t give up, reach out for help, and get yourself a support team. It may seem hard and seem like you can’t do it in the beginning but it does get easier, just remember who you are doing it for! Xo


Reaching out for help is so important. How encouraging! That is what Milky Mommas is all about ❤ 

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