Probiotics are living microorganisms. They improve digestive health and boost immune health. You might consider introducing probiotics if you or baby have had a round of antibiotics (antibiotics kill all good and bad bacteria in the body, which opens the door for thrush!), when solids are introduced, if baby is struggling with gas/colic, during cold/flu season, or anytime, simply to maintain good gut health.

It can be beneficial for all mommas and babies to take probiotics for immune and digestive health benefits! Probiotics are generally considered safe during breastfeeding and pregnancy. Very little probiotics are transferred through breastmilk, so if it is medically indicated, babies should have their own probiotics. As always, consult a healthcare provider before introducing any supplement to your or your baby’s diet.

Here are some of our favorite brands:

  • Klaire Labs Infant powder, Children’s chewable, or Women’s capsule *Allergen Free*
  • Udo’s Choice Infant or Adult (contains milk and soy)
  • Renew Life Ultimate Flora Baby or Women’s (contains milk and soy)
  • Garden of Life Kids or Women’s (dairy and gluten free)

These are all powders that need to be kept cold. You can put a dab on your nipple before nursing, on a pacifier or your finger, or you can mix with breastmilk and give via a syringe or in a sippy cup or bottles.

There are some shelf-stable brands like Culturelle which can help but they are not nearly as effective as the kind that needs to be kept cold. You can find many of these at Whole Foods, any natural food store, GNC, Vitamin Shoppe,, or Amazon. Sometimes CVS and other pharmacies have them, just ask the Pharmacist.

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