Breastfeeding Apps

Typically, there is no need to keep track of how long or how often you feed your baby. If baby is gaining well and having adequate diaper output, then nursing on demand is generally just fine. Check out this article for more info on The Dangerous Game of the Feeding Interval Obsession.
As the world changes, technology is becoming an ever integral part of out lives. In the days of “there’s an app for that” existence, there are now breastfeeding apps. While this is not at all necessary, they are a popular choice for several mothers. The following list is comprised of member suggestions.

Disclaimer: I have not personally used all of the apps listed. 


Feeding/Diaper Trackers
  • Total Baby
  • Feed Baby
  • Baby Tracker
  • Baby Feeding Log
  • BabyConnect
  • MammaBaby
  • Milk Maid
  • iBreastfeed (by Medela)
  • Baby Daybook
  • Baby Care
  • BabyNursing
  • Sprout Baby
  • Total Baby Feed
  • Baby ESP
  • What to Expect Baby
  • Breastfeeding by Sevenlogics
Medication Reference for Breastfeeding Mom (These are by the leading research groups for medications and breastfeeding and are highly trusted.) 
  • LactMed
  • MommyMeds
Growth Spurt and Development Help
  • The Wonder Weeks (we recommend)
  • Breastfeeding Timeline
Other Ways to Track Feedings and Diapers
  • Keep a notebook journal. You can also make notes or comments about baby’s development!
  • Use a hair tie or bracelet that you move from wrist to wrist to know which side to nurse off of next.
  • Lay out X number of diapers. If baby went through all pulled out (say 8), you know diaper count was fine for that day.



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