Medication Resources: What is BF Friendly?

Are you trying to find out if your medicine is breastfeeding-friendly?
Were you told you need to “Pump and Dump?”
Don’t worry! The experts are ready to weigh in. Use these resources to make sure your medications are compatible with breastfeeding.
Search Lactmed or call Infant Risk to determine if your medication is breastfeeding-friendly:
LactMed: Via Phone App or website.
Infant Risk: +1 806-352-2519 (hotline open during central standard time business hours)
Infant Risk is the leader in medication safety when it comes to breastfeeding. They have a website and a number you can call for free info on medications and their safety.
App for Android and iPhone website.
All-inclusive list of breastfeeding/medication safety resources here.
Motherisk: (phone 416-813-6780) at The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Call or visit their website for evidence-based information about the safety or risk of drugs, chemicals and disease during pregnancy and lactation.
Drugline (phone 0844 412 4665) at The Breastfeeding Network, Paisley, Scotland. Call the Drugline for information on taking prescription drugs while breastfeeding, or visit their website for handouts on drugs and breastfeeding.
Approved Cold and Allergy Meds:
Holistic/Homeopathic Remedies for Cold/Flu Season:
oscillococcinum, vitamin c (Emergen-C, powdered vit c, chewables), vit d3, elderberry syrup, local raw honey with lemon, eucalyptus oil, thieves oil and echinacea.
Phone Apps:

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